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  1. Investment projects that enhance partnership among countries, particularly in the areas of political economy, and strenghen diplomacy at regional or national level; projects that are convincing robust values and if the interest investment projects by foreign investor have convincing values:
  2. International Companies interested to invest in the region;
  3. Investment projects applied by diasporas;
  4. Projects fully invested by the regional government or with share of 51%
  5. Investment projects by Cooperatives, Unions, Macro and Micro enterprises, Farmers, Nomads and project proposals applied
    by nomadic unions;
  6. Investment projects that already engaged in production but applied for more land (land expansion) due to in sufficient space and/or for additional investments;
  7. Investment project on the applicant’s own land;
  8. Investment projects with a difficult propery for competition and/or investment projects which adds value for the region and country;
    believed by Oromia Commission Boards;