Where to Invest ?

The prospective of the city are a research center, Horticulture and agro industrial center, a good residential village, a manufacture center, Tourist attraction sites, Proximity to Express and rail road, Fair investment opportunity, Accessibility to central market, Sufficient labor forces, Accessibility of gallery, universities and the great Ethiopian air force, Source of fresh vegetables and fruits that cultivated by underground water, Dairy and cattle fattening potential for urban agriculture, and also potential for flower farming ,trade activities and some real states.

The major potential of Bishoftu city, Oromia. The city to its proximity to the capital of the country, allows and easy access to transportation of raw materials, finished goods and other trade and commerce activities coupled with urban agriculture and suitable air that make life easy and comfortable. On the other hand for its beautiful lakes and natural availability of suitable flat land ,adequate services and infrastructure, the presences of national and international research institutes. Abundant water resources and feed for animals.